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Day 29: Keyapt SMS hits 1000 downloads

Keyapt SMS has been downloaded 1000 times from the Android Market.

Chris and I are obviously very pleased by this result but there is a lot of work to do yet.  Flurry Analytics gives us a good insight into our users and 60% of them don’t have their phone set to English. To support these users we will shortly be releasing support for Unicode SMS, this will let our users send messages containing “les caractères accentués” or even 重音字符 if the users have the appropriate fonts.


Day 1: Keyapt SMS is big in Asia

First day's downloads of Keyapt SMS
First day’s downloads of Keyapt SMS

This great chart, generated by Flurry Analytics shows that after 24 hours Keyapt SMS has as many users in Asia as Europe (Chris and I are in Europe and we don’t count).

Hello world! from Keyapt

Yesterday Keyapt was launched at the AppsJunction event in London. The audience of developers and investors could see the value of a platform that allows you to control your phone from your PC’s keyboard rather than having to use the fiddly little keys on the phone.

We presented Keyapt SMS which is our first product and launched in the Android Market yesterday. Please install it and give us feedback.

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