Day 23: Keyapt SMS presented at AppsWorld, show review

I demonstrated Keyapt SMS at AppsWorld in Wednesday and sat on the Android Developers panel. I was anxious that doing a live demo to  a big audience was a bit risky so I pre-recorded it using Camtasia (30 day free trial). It was a good decision because I could not get WiFi access and a live demo would have been very difficult. Unfortunately Camtasia “helped” me by “smart zooming” and this made my presentation less effective than I would have liked. This is an RTFM issue and I will have a go at making a better version by turning off this “useful feature”. At £ 230 it is a pricey way to make videos.

I met lots of interesting people at the show including the very smart app marketing firm Apppli.

There were good presentations by Christopher Phin of Tap magazine (an iPhone mag) and Marcin Lament developer of the Brilliant Quotes app.

Christopher gave advice about how to work with the press; be targeted, focussed, relevant and persistent and do provide a reviewer’s pack if appropriate. Marcin talked about success factors behind his million downloading app. One key success factor was prompting users to give ratings and feedback in the Android Market. This prompted downloads to increase from 500 per month to 5000 per month.




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