Day 29: Keyapt SMS hits 1000 downloads

Keyapt SMS has been downloaded 1000 times from the Android Market.

Chris and I are obviously very pleased by this result but there is a lot of work to do yet.  Flurry Analytics gives us a good insight into our users and 60% of them don’t have their phone set to English. To support these users we will shortly be releasing support for Unicode SMS, this will let our users send messages containing “les caractères accentués” or even 重音字符 if the users have the appropriate fonts.


Day 26: First press releases to get Christmas traffic

Today I sent out our first press releases. You can see them on our Press Releases page. These are pay for services and I am interested to see how effective they are.

Day 23: Keyapt SMS presented at AppsWorld, show review

I demonstrated Keyapt SMS at AppsWorld in Wednesday and sat on the Android Developers panel. I was anxious that doing a live demo to  a big audience was a bit risky so I pre-recorded it using Camtasia (30 day free trial). It was a good decision because I could not get WiFi access and a live demo would have been very difficult. Unfortunately Camtasia “helped” me by “smart zooming” and this made my presentation less effective than I would have liked. This is an RTFM issue and I will have a go at making a better version by turning off this “useful feature”. At £ 230 it is a pricey way to make videos.

I met lots of interesting people at the show including the very smart app marketing firm Apppli.

There were good presentations by Christopher Phin of Tap magazine (an iPhone mag) and Marcin Lament developer of the Brilliant Quotes app.

Christopher gave advice about how to work with the press; be targeted, focussed, relevant and persistent and do provide a reviewer’s pack if appropriate. Marcin talked about success factors behind his million downloading app. One key success factor was prompting users to give ratings and feedback in the Android Market. This prompted downloads to increase from 500 per month to 5000 per month.



Day 19: Keyapt SMS is updated

Today we released our first update to Keyapt SMS.

Keyapt SMS has been updated

Keyapt SMS has been updated

We have given users the ability to verify our identity and our use of encryption and to “Like” us on Facebook. Other small changes include a bug fix requested by users.

The more feedback we get the better we can make the product.

Day 16: Keyapt makes first dollar!

The first version of Keyapt has adverts. We don’t expect to make much money from them but every little helps. I am pleased to announce that we have made our first dollar.

We use; they are an advertising start up who are extremely helpful and fairly competent. Their USP is that you simply wrap your apk using their utility and it will render ads on entry or exit. We really like the ad that is rendered on exit. It is full screen, looks good and does not interfere with the user’s experience.

Key stats

  • CTR 14%
  • Fill% 74.28
  • Income ($) 1.088

Look out Angry Birds!



Day 3: A Flurry of panic

Well, yesterday was a day of mild panic. I keep hitting reload on the Flurry Analytics screens but it resolutely refused to show an increase in the number of users. Flurry is updated at various times during the day and I need not have worried. Here is the nice graph showing yesterday’s installations.

My assumption is that these installs result from organic search within the Android Market. Last night I tweaked the automatic translations. In particular I found that the translator had translated the product name “Keyapt SMS” into other scripts. This is undesirable and I manually corrected it for all languages.

We are not going to engage in active marketing until we understand the organic search better. I am particularly interested in whether we see a network effect, that is to say, that users recommend to users and we see exponential growth. If this effect was low it might be masked by a marketing effort. I want to tweak the actual product and its social marketing capabilities until it demonstrates a strong network effect.

You can install Keyapt SMS directly from your PC

A really cool feature of the Android Market is that you can remotely install Keyapt SMS to your phone. If you are reading the post on your PC simply click the button below and choose “Install”. Google will push Keyapt SMS to your phone. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Available in Android Market

Day 1: Keyapt SMS is big in Asia

First day's downloads of Keyapt SMS
First day’s downloads of Keyapt SMS

This great chart, generated by Flurry Analytics shows that after 24 hours Keyapt SMS has as many users in Asia as Europe (Chris and I are in Europe and we don’t count).

Keyapt SMS gets social

We really want feedback from all our users so that we can make Keyapt SMS even better. Contact us on twitter @KeyaptSMS or check out our Facebook page. If you need support then go to the support tab on


Hello world! from Keyapt

Yesterday Keyapt was launched at the AppsJunction event in London. The audience of developers and investors could see the value of a platform that allows you to control your phone from your PC’s keyboard rather than having to use the fiddly little keys on the phone.

We presented Keyapt SMS which is our first product and launched in the Android Market yesterday. Please install it and give us feedback.

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